Northeast Ohio Native Habitat Corridor

Northeast Ohio Native Habitat Corridor

Creating bird and pollinator habitat while connecting communities, block by block

The Northeast Ohio Native Habitat Corridor is a growing movement of native gardens uniting to create massive collective benefit for wildlife and people. Private and public green spaces ranging from balcony gardens to prairie plantings are stepping stones of safe passage throughout the region for birds and pollinators while introducing an abundance of new sources of food, water, shelter, and places to raise their young. Meanwhile, people are deepening neighborhood connections, sharing a wealth of knowledge around native plants and wildlife, and breathing fresher air together.

We envision the corridor as a movement spreading from garden to garden, block to block, and city to city; ultimately creating a healthier and more connected region for people and pollinators throughout Northeast Ohio. Showing connections and opportunities across Northeast Ohio at the regional level (and hopefully state level in the future).

The Wild Ones Greater Cleveland NEO Native Habitat Corridor initiative does not replace any of the other programs you’re already supporting (keep doing those!), but complements them with additional resources and connections at the regional level. As a part of this effort we want to encourage the creation and/or support of neighborhood pathways and friends of park groups.

Whether you are just starting with a dirt patch and 3 native plants or have an established native plant garden – Join for FREE on the map TODAY!  

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or by starting fresh with one of our convenient native plant kits!

Who are we?

Wild Ones is a national not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes environmentally friendly, sound landscaping to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration, and establishment of native plant communities by:

  • providing free, educational resources and learning opportunities that are open to the public,
    supporting the efforts of over 100+ local Wild Ones chapters in 34 states
  • publishing a quarterly, award-winning journal for members featuring current native plant information and resources
  • and offering free, professionally designed native garden templates for multiple regions in the United States.

The Wild Ones Greater Cleveland chapter is made up of individuals who have an active passion for native plants, the wildlife they support, and the community surrounding them. We recognize the importance of diversity in both nature and society, wholeheartedly welcoming all walks of life, from beginner to expert, in our pursuit of harmony. We understand that differences often lead to a stronger unity towards a common purpose: to increase the health of our local ecosystems by preserving the native flora and fauna they depend on. The Greater Cleveland chapter celebrates each one of our members, and all those who are committed to this purpose. 

Chapter members are the heart of our chapter whether it is through chapter activity participation, volunteering, or through memberships/donations that allow us to support community events and activities. Interested in joining our chapter? Join Here

Why native plants?

Dwindling biodiversity is a threat to the foundation of life on earth. In the last century alone, we’ve lost millions of acres of diverse ecosystems. Native plants help protect and restore biodiversity, improve air and water quality and provide wildlife with quality food and shelter. Our vision is native plants and natural landscapes in every community.

Corridors, community, connectivity

With your help, we aim to transform Northeast Ohio’s landscape, block-by-block. This neighborhood approach is important for a couple of reasons. Research shows that people are more likely to try natural landscaping when their neighbors do the same. Community efforts can influence neighborhood landscaping norms and provide people with gardening advice and support.

From an ecological perspective, neighborhood efforts can create connectivity for native flora and fauna. A neighborhood full of native gardens is greater than the sum of its parts, and together, several gardens can support species with greater habitat needs. Native gardens can also create corridors between larger natural areas, allowing creatures like birds, reptiles, insects, and amphibians to move and migrate.

Become an ambassador!

We are creating tools to equip you to spread knowledge in your own neighborhood and community! To invite a volunteer speaker to your neighborhood meeting, garden club, or even garden party, please reach out to [email protected]. We also have printable brochures to hand out to your neighbors, or anyone else who asks about your garden.

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